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Stories & Articles

My short stories and articles have appeared in a number of journals and magazines. Here are a few that are online.

"Yoga 101 for Boomers and Beyond"
from Healthy Aging Magazine

Con­sid­er­ing start­ing a yoga prac­tice? Are you wor­ried your aging boomer body won’t be up for down­ward dog? Before start­ing yoga post 50, I con­fess I thought of it as a new age-y pas­time for perky 20-somethings who twisted them­selves into pretzel-like shapes when they weren’t medi­at­ing for hours on end and chant­ing “om.” 

"Already Gone"
from Monkeybicycle

My sister’s cat was on the bathroom ledge yesterday when he must have lost his footing and fell. Seven stories. Splat. We didn’t know at first. We thought he had gone missing, so we did the usual. Plastered the building with notices. Knocked on neighbors’ doors. It was Delmar’s idea to look in the airshaft between our building and the next. There was Toby. Not much blood, surprisingly, just a thin stream of red trickling from his open mouth.

"Hush, Puppies"

from Cleaver


"Chain of Lies"
from Every Day Fiction

Jeffrey Josephs kept the lies his wife told him in a shoebox. After a year of marriage, the box was almost full. Already the white slips of paper pushed against the lid. What would happen when there was no more room? Would he start another box?

The vet returned my call as I was rolling the last wineglass in bubble wrap. In counterpoint to my curt hello, he sounded upbeat, even jovial. He explained that when Mags had been spayed last month, the operation had sent her hormones haywire. "That's why she's behaving like she's pregnant," he summed up. "It's a textbook case."

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